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We create impactful videos that help brands engage their audience and grow their business.

Based in Houston, Texas,
we are a team of strategists, creatives & cinematic storytellers

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We now live in a digital age where online video offers an amazing opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers. Improved technology from broadband to cameras, means the video is now accessible to anyone.


But with so many suppliers trying their hand at video, the quality of output is often inconsistent leading to disappointing results and just more white noise.



After an extended career in the Los Angeles film industry, Director Albion Sabani brought his family and career back home to Texas where he and his team use the power of cinema to stand out in the online space with a reliable, effective video that’s powered by exceptional storytelling.
Story is at the heart of AV Films.

We are cinematic storytellers who love helping businesses tell their stories. People buy emotionally and justify logically. It doesn’t take Hollywood experience to know that – although we have that too! 

AV Films is dedicated to helping brands break through their business pains with the power of video storytelling because we understand their frustrations. 

But, no matter what your business pain is, there certainly is a video solution for it!


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